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We are driven by our shared passion for results.

Our mission is to work and build long lasting relationships with our clients by helping them harness the power of technology to make their businesses more efficient, help them grow and reach their goals. We create eye-catching websites, creative logo designs and we build end-to-end business solutions with Microsoft's Power Platform.  We create solutions that can help accelerate any business.
We help you grow your business to the next level by establishing strong online presence.
From an IDea
To Reality

“" Technology can and should be a force for good and meaningful innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways.”


Establish Strong Online Presence

Today, websites offer an essential tool for firms to secure a strong online position by combining the informative, relational and transactional functions associated with online commerce.

Websites are able to combine informative, relational and transactional functions. This ability makes them an attractive sales channel in sectors such as the organic agri-food sector, which has traditionally had major commercial shortcomings in these three areas.
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Logo Design
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Microsoft Power Platform
About our founder

“ The goal isn’t to build a website. The goal is to build your business"

Mariela Lopez
Clever Fox Founder and Web Developer

Scale without losing your company's heart, soul, and mission

There is a way to scale without losing your soul and to retain what is special about your company. With the right amount of intention and discipline, the larger version of the company you love will transform many more lives and become a place that has a larger impact on the world.